Friday, November 19, 2010

Wow.. It's been a year....

I can't believe how long it's been.. I think since I got on to the dreaded Facebook, I kind of stopped doing anything here.. I want to change that. I'm also getting into a new business venture.. one that I can actually attain for now. It's just something that I've already experienced and I KNOW works, and I can make some extra money to support the kid.. I just told some people in my office, and they are rather upset with me for NOT telling them about this a while ago... Seems I was overweight at the beginning of the year... I went to the dr, he said "exercise".. Well, with a broken back and a once broken leg, not really EASY... I tried EVERYTHING.. I weight 175.2 at my max. :( Not a fun place to be at.. So after trying a multitude of things, I decided to try these products and see how it works.. I know that I am MUCH less tired.. and I'm not as sick as I usually am the last few months.. AND.. I'm down to 151lbs.. since the beginning of the year... not too bad :) I've also shrunk more that 2 1/2" all over my body.. I'm fitting into jeans that I (wisely) saved from years ago, that I grew OUT of... Now I have kinda new jeans to go with the smaller body.. I am happy.. I'm having a "Wrap" party in two weeks to "show" these girls how great it works, and start my business from there.. I am REALLY excited... Wish me luck.. I get to help people be happier and healthier and skinnier, and make a little extra money for the kid.. Win Win..
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