Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Been awhile..

Hope everyone has been doing well... Thanksgiving has come and gone, I hope everyones was fantastic.. Mine was great.. went to the desert (of course), deep fried a turkey, rode quads, etc.. same ol same ol'. Just found out some good news today, I'll share in a couple weeks... ;)
Christmas is coming... too bad Santa is broke too :(
Happy Holidays to you all... I'll try to post again before Christmas... :D

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Or rather, Lack thereof. It really astounds me at the ability some people have to display such a HUGE, TITANIC, GINORMOUS lack of respect for others. Let alone for themselves. I'm guessing it takes a big lack of respect for yourself, in order to not have the ability to give it to others. It makes me sad to see people act this way. Especially when it's BLATANT and they do it on purpose. I can't figure out why people feel the need to lie, and hurt others on purpose. There is only so much of it a person can take. Well, that and being taken advantage of. Hospitality. I guess some people are just shitty assholes, and greedy and selfish. I used to feel sorry for that, but when you realize they are doing it purposefully, forget it. You are just a shitty jerk.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Too Good..

It was too good to last. I tried. What do you do... Getting rid of all of the bad people in my life.. seems to be working out pretty good too. We'll see. I think.

Monday, September 28, 2009


If someone doesn't like your behavior or your actions, and you are aware of this, why would you KEEP DOING IT????

Friday, September 4, 2009


Ok, I'm doing a little better than the other day.. I have finally realized that I am not fully in control. It's taken MANY years to figure this out.. Oh and I can't do everything by myself. Go figure. That was really difficult and scary for me to admit. And here I am putting it in black and white. Who knows maybe it'll help more.. Anyway, so it is Labor Day this weekend. Going to take off after work today and head out to the desert.. it's finally cooling down. The kid is very excited.. We are going to meet up with some friends we met last time we were out there. Should be a nice relaxing weekend. I'm excited.. I need it. My sister, is probably coming out with her kids too.. Good times... :) Hope you all have a safe and fun long weekend...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Please come and slap the shit out of me, and then run me over with the car.. twice, for good measure. Thanks.

Monday, August 31, 2009

4th Grade..

I wish I remembered that far back.. I know a lot of people that DO remember that far back that are my age.. Kinda weird.. I sort of remember teachers, but not those all important drama moments with friends... nothin'. Sometimes I think it's good that I don't remember that stuff.. I barely remember High school drama.. only that most didn't like me, but it wasn't a big deal..
Anyway.... back to my point. So, the Kid started 4th grade.. I can't believe how nervous she was!! Just not her style. She picked out an outfit for the first day that consisted of a brown tank top, a SKIRT *GASP* and some funky argyle socks (they actually matched LOL) she thought she looked all that and a bag of chips.. She really did look cute. I was happy/impressed she matched for once.. She tells me "Mom, who cares if it matches, at least I have clothes on right?" Ya.. Right.. hahaha
So, I am a little sentimental today.. Oh.. and an update.. I did NOT win the lottery... not that I thought I would.. :( So, a couple hours I get to go pick up the Kid and find out all about the Drama of the day for 4th grade.. Not that I miss that.. hers is a lot more entertaining than my bullshit drama.. LOL

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

End of the line..

So, I am soooo completely frustrated, and am at my wits end.. I was supposed to get a nice bonus, but then it was cut WAAY back at the last minute, which I didn't find out til I actually GOT the check.. Nice. So, I can't pay for my training course... which is REALLY SERIOUSLY pissing me off.. I want to do this and finish it soooo bad... Maybe I'll win the lotto tonight?? Not so much, single mom, white, young.. not in this lifetime..
I want to move.. but apparently no one is renting out the house that I want.. go figure.. The kid is giving me grief lately, and I'm not sure what her deal is. Whenever she comes back from being with her dad for a period of time, it seems she gets like this.. It was kinda nice tho, we hung out last night, played with the dogs, watched some Family guy and George lopez... and she slept with me.. I like that... I can hear her breathe... However, she does have an uncanny knack of flinging her arm wildly but hitting me square in the nose EVERY single time... that has to be some kind of talent right!?
I am really tired lately.. I was sick over the weekend.. weak, tired.. laid around doing nothing.. shut off my phone and everything was kind of nice. I've been pretty upset with myself lately.. I am really tired of the fact that I ALLOW people to treat me how they do.. I have been allowing myself to get upset and feel these emotions that I DO NOT LIKE. EVERYONE has a choice on their behavior. EVERYONE. Me.. You.. everyone. Regardless of how people treat you, is it not YOUR choice how you are going to react?? Say, I get in your face, and just tell you you are a loser and whatever. Is it not then YOUR decision how you react? Walk away? Say more hurtful things? Hit someone? I mean, really.. it is your choice how you react, and I think that defines you as a person.. and it makes me sad. We have so many different choices to choose from, and some of us, choose the stupidest ones possible. Ones that cause irreparable damage. *SIGH*

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Struggles.. that's a good word.. I haven't been on in a while.. haven't been motivated. In the least. That roller coaster I mentioned.. still going on.. some days are better than others of course.. Human nature. Today.. nothing new really.. I'm going to go to a friends wedding in Laughlin at the end of the month.. 15 minute wedding, and then on the water by 10am.. gotta love it. Nice 3 day weekend. The kid has been gone for 2 weeks in Lake Tahoe with her aunt.. She has been swimming, playing in the lake (but not too far in.. there are crawdads you know.. LOL) oh, and white water rafting.. she texted me the whole time she was gone telling me of all she did.. I love that she's 9 yrs old, and that she is responsible enough to let "MOM" know what's going on.. like "Hi mom, going to play mini golf.. love you!" Love that.. :D
So she was supposed to go on a cruise next week with her grandparents.. Apparently she decided she'd rather not. She firmly stated "Grama, I am NOT going on the cruise.. Have you NOT seen Titanic!?! No way.. thank you but no." Period. Kid is crazy sometimes.. could have gone to 3 different countries.. maybe when she's older.. So she got back from her mini vacay yesterday.. Gawd I missed her. I swear she grew an inch (ok, she DID, but prolly not in that 2 wks).. her hair turned BLONDE! Whatsupwiththat!?!? Anyway.. I struggled while she was gone.. missed her to death.. My sister is going to visit some family in Arizona (Hey Cuz!!) this weekend, so I told the kid that "auntie and girls are going to arizona".. she said "Oh really!?! Can I go!?!? " I said sure... if you want to.. she stopped for a second and said "Nah.. I want to be with you Mommy".. Can't argue with that.. :D

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I hate this stupid roller coaster.  Today just seems like a good day to cry.  No reason.  Kinda nice in that regard, that I am a girl and I can cry for no reason. I think I will do just that..  Back in a few days. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Did I mention already that I am officially enrolled in DTI now??  OHMYGOSH I am soo excited.. So many weird things are happening lately..  I am enjoying this detective shit waaay more than I should.. people (friends) are finding out (even not friends anymore) and passing the word to others and it's coming back around.. They all think it's a dumb thing to do blah blah.. "what is she going to investigate??".... just wait and see people.. KARMA is a bitch and apparently so am I.. :D
Anyway, back to the weird stuff.. so like everyone knows I love me some beer..  well, for the last 1 1/2 wks or so, not so much.. like I just can't drink more than 6 or so.. then its a couple days before I can drink it again... I think I just finally got in the mindframe of being healthy and the beers just aren't tasting good.. I don't know..  well I am going to the river this weekend.. so if beer is shut down this weekend.. I will definitely probably need to see a dr.  And for the record.. No, I'm not pregnant.. LMAO.... 

Friday, May 15, 2009


So I have been doing this "blogging" thing for awhile... I have a question.. I've never mentioned names or anything of the like... isn't anyone curious?  Should I start including names and stuph in future posts?  Does anyone give a shit?

Edit:   Guess Not.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Oh my goodness... had a ball last night..  So the kid had an appt with a psychologist (she goes every week) but, we were actually having fun shopping and decided not to go this week.. I "REALLY" needed to spend some quality time with my kid.. (for my benefit.. )
So, that out of the way, she found these cool "lee press on" nails (Anyone remember those?) at the store.  They were painted black  with skulls on them.. (So her style. LOL) Inside the skull was a pink jewel for an eye. Pretty cool actually.  So she put those on.  Thought she was hot shit.  Yes, really.  She then decided it was time to play Beauty Shop.. as in let's put as much make up on mom and do her hair with 13 ponytails and 25 hair clips.. "beauty shop".  Oh boy. Fun.
We had a blast!!  I think I have the beginnings of 32 new pimples after surviving 5 layers of make up. But hey, thats the sacrifice I make for fun time with my kid.  :)
I was about ready to do the red carpet walk until she decided I needed flower decals on my finger nails too.. since she had the awesome nails.. LOL    After she made me look the most gorgeous I ever have.. I did her hair and makeup..  I know I am biased, but my goodness my daughter is beautiful.  Without makeup I mean..  So I put her hair in two little indian like braids, and put some makeup on her.  For a tomboy, she was LOVIN IT!!!  She was diggin the make up and the nails which was pretty cool to watch..  I love my kid more than anything..  Her friend thought it was "so rad" that I let them put make up on me... LOL  My kid says to her "Ok, you can't make my mom look bad tho, because she's going to put these on facebook and like celebrities will see them!"  Bless her heart, she believes that and I love it.  This is one of those BIG ASS SMILE on my face days... and I love that.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So I wanted to try out a website to see how well it did for blog hits..  the site is Condron  and wow.. I know there are some of you that come to read this everyday..  well, yesterday there was like 40+ hits all from places like Germany, India, Reston, VA, Nevada, all kinds of places.. WAAY cool..  I think I am going to pay the money to keep the site up on the list "Blog Roll" because this is pretty cool..:D  That and maybe I should start putting more stuff on here if I can get more visibility.  What do you think??  Oh and check this out.. saw it today.. LAUGHED MY ASS OFF!!

"Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit."

Oh, the full site is    http://www.condron.us/index.php?i=6

Have a good one ya'll.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Whew.. it's over..

Well I had my surgery yesterday.. went well.  When I got to the hospital it said I was there for a "Skull fracture at base and subluxated hematoma"..  hhmmm  wonder why they didn't bother to mention that.. Unless someone was trying to punk me and get me a lobotomy HAHA...  Soo, had that changed to Kyphoplasty for T5 and T6 vertebrae..  Much better.. Got in there, the Dr came in and "signed" my back where the surgery was to occur.  Cool.  Not exactly my skull so that's a plus.  Next I saw the anesthesiologist.  (whew, long word)..  Got some fun juice, and was ready to go.. then I started asking too many questions, so, apparently, he just shut me up on his own.. ya. thanks.  Anyway, came out of it great..  woke up crying, (apparently I do that) and man was I in pain..  Got some stuff called... um.. shit I can't remember.. starts with a D  Oh.  delauded? or something.  GREAT STUFF!! So they took me to the other recovery place, and the same nurse was there when I had my shoulder surgery.. cool chick.. we bantered etc.. then she asked "How are you back to your smart ass self so fast?!?!"  and we laughed.. so I just said "Let me get out of your way and go home now.. "..  and they did.. :D
Oh, one thing, when I was waking up from that sleepy shit, my tongue was numb.  like just the right side of it.  Then after being home on the couch for awhile, it wasn't any better, and she said it would go away.  So at about 6 I called the dr.  He said "It could be nerve damage, or it could be from the tubes going down your throat, and resting on your tongue the wrong way"..  Nice. Thanks doc.  So I am to call today if it isn't better.  Well, surprise surprise.. it's not.  Actually it spread. The whole front 1/2 of my tongue.  I really DO NOT like this.. AT ALL.  I can't taste, been biting my cheeks.. SUCKS BIG TIME!!  So, I am actually at work today (ya, sucks).. I have a meeting at 10 so I'll do that then call the dr.  
And... I don't know how much better my back is yet.  See, the incision where they went in, went THRU the muscle.. OH MY GOSH it sucks.. no matter how I sit, or move, it hurts like a mutha.  I'm easing off the pain pills tho.. THAT I AM GRATEFUL for a bunch.. I woke up at 3 and was up til 445am today, not cuz I was in pain, just woke up.. I think.  HAHA 
Anyway, going home soon, and gonna just veg all weekend..  (tried a beer last night.. not a good idea.. doesn't sit well with anesthesia.. damn it)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So, I'm a little PISSED this morning.. When last spoke to nurse regarding surgery tomorrow, I was informed that it would be at the hospital, not an outpatient center and that it would take about 45 minutes.  Cool.. I can deal with that.  Well, now the hospital nurse calls to ask questions.. like "so what brings you in tomorrow?".. Ok, really!?!  Do you not read all the information BEFORE you call people!?!?  And really, what does it matter if I have 7 or 32 tattoos?  They are all over a year old, so who really cares WHERE they all are.  Besides all of the STUPID, IGNORANT questions, I have been informed that now, rather than being outpatient, I am now INPATIENT and that I would not be going home and that the surgery is not 45 minutes, but 2 1/2 HOURS!  Oh, and I'll be on some medication and in the hospital for about 3 days.  What happened to "simple procedure?"  I'm a little concerned now.  So this is for my back... am I going to leave the hospital with a tummy tuck and new boobies rather than a back surgery!??!  (ok, that might be alright.. ) Anyway, no idea what to expect now, but if need be, I will be signing myself out of the hospital thursday after the surgery.. I gotta work Friday. 

Monday, April 27, 2009

Do you ever..

So.. I just noticed that I start almost all entries with so..  kinda funny..  Ha! I got my replacement iPhone on Friday.  Talk about a kid in a candy store.  I was just beside myself.  I paid LESS than I did for the last one, and I got the 16GB rather than 8GB.  YAY ME!!!  I forgot how long it takes to "modify" it to my liking.. LOL
Anyway.. Do you ever have one of those days, where you feel SOOO many emotions all at once, (all good feelings), but just can't put a word (or words) to describe it?  I have had a few of these days here recently..  One of them being my kid..  Again, I don't know "words" to describe the feelings I have..  I mean, you LOVE your significant other.. and you are "in love" as well...  I am not sure what's goin on here, but I can't get enough of my kid. Like I am totally in love with my kid..  She makes me smile soo big.. I am so proud of her.   She just got Student of the Month for march..  How on earth a kid that gets busted for talking all the time gets that award.. hahaha  Took her to the beauty shop saturday so we could get our hair done.. Hers was pretty bad.. and her bangs were just waay too long.. So, we both got a hair cut.. Well, I got like an inch off, so just a trim and she got maybe 2 inches, and now she has bangs.. :D  I am sooo happy.. she looks beautiful.. just gorgeous.  Anyway, it was a great day.. went shopping.. she needed summer clothes pretty bad.. Children's place has some great clothes, and pretty decent prices..  
Sunday, she and I went to Red Robin because she got her Student of the month award, which gave her a free kids meal..  I hate Red Robin, and sunday just proved it.  Service was terrible, servers were NOT very pleasant, and they got the entire order wrong.  Meh.  Anyway, we just hung out and watched movies the rest of the day.  When it was time for bed.. she asked me to cuddle with her til she fell asleep... of course, I did.. and I fell asleep too.. what a perfect ending to a great weekend.. :)  LOVE my kid!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


So, it's been a pretty good week.. Kinda random and funny actually.. Monday was pretty good.. worked, watched some movies, could NOT go to sleep.. was up til about 145am, then finally fell asleep (pretty sure.. ) and was up at 545am for work.  Wonder of wonders, I wasn't TIRED.  Kinda nice actually.  Maybe I'm getting too much sleep.. is that possible?  Anyway.. Oh!  My friend.. seems she fractured TWO bones, and another one got "pushed back"..  So the specialist pulled it forward and it's in a splint now.. til like tuesday.  And she's off work.. how nice is that to have like a bazillion sick hours and be able to veg out for a whole week and do nothing..  I hate that she's hurt, but I'm jealous of that.. :D 
So, let's see Tuesday was pretty cool.. found out my next door neighbors close escrow somewheres else on May 5th.. THAT makes me sad.. we just start hanging out and playing beer pong a lot, and become quite good friends, and they are leaving.. about 4 houses on the street hung out that night, and she decided that she doesn't want to leave now.. that sucks.. Because, I think I am going to move also.  Not for anything about the neighborhood (LOVE IT) or the people, they are fantastic.. it's the house.  HATE IT.  No carpet etc.. I've mentioned the multitude of reasons I don't like it before..  So.. found a place that I like it's 1/2 an acre and has a tack room for the kid to play in.. LOL  Nice place and it's a couple hundred cheaper!!  So, gonna go check it out this weekend.. Anyway, so yesterday (wednesday).. what a random funny day.  Started out, me and the kid were getting coffee at 7-11.  She knows how to make my coffee for me, and so we got the hazelnut creamer little thingys and I have NO idea what I was thinking, I was opening them and pouring them into the trash... The kid says "Mom.. aren't those supposed to go in the cup?"... we were laughing sooo loud, and even Snorting!  It was hilarious!  So, that started the day, and long story short.. it was a great day... hung out with the kid, had a great time... laid with her in bed last night til she talked herself to sleep... My heart is sooo full and I can't think of a word to describe the feeling.. Sooo much love..   So today.. I am going to take a late lunch and go take some Nachos to the kid and have lunch with her at school..  She said "We can sit at the peanut free table and eat together mom"..  Yay.. allergy free lunch.   Love her.

Monday, April 20, 2009


So.. I hope everyone had a great weekend...  I did for the most part.. LOL  Went camping, even tho everyone wussed out.. No matter, it's always fun.. My girlfriend got to come out so that was waay cool..  Even met new people and hung out and rode with them.. The kid made friends too..  Worked out beautifully..  I "almost" lost my phone. Well, not physically lost, but lost as in phone death.  My iPhone is my life.. it has EVERYTHING on it. Anyway, when we were out in the desert this weekend my phone fell out of my pocket right into the ice chest.. which was full of beer and ice and water.. :( Anyway, I got a beer, it fell in, then I HAPPENED to see lights in the chest when i was closing it.. Opened it back up and fished for my phone and got it. DAMN IT. Anyway, it started going nuts, so I tapped the crap out of it to get the water out, took off the iFrogz case, and then put it between two slices of bread and a bag of rice. I left it in there overnight.. it was pretty hot out there, like 90 degrees.. so the next day, I got it from the bag, turned it on, and it worked.. TOTALLY amazed. There was a LOT of water "spots" under the glass tho.. kinda looked like snow camo LOL Anyway, this morning, turned it on, and it's 100% back to normal.. no quirks, no nothing. I am convinced, if it weren't for the iFrogz Luxe case, it would have fried. Check them out HERE They also have cases for iPods and stuff too.. GREAT cases.. So, anyway, my friend was out with us, and I showed her how to ride my quad.. (not a normal quad, as I don't have the thumb throttle.. it's a twist throttle like a motorcycle, which makes it more difficult to "hang on" to.. ) She was doing GREAT!! (on flat ground.. ;) ) So she goes off to try some different places, and ended up fracturing her wrist.. :( I felt soooo bad.. She's never broken anything, and this happens. The good thing is, she's not afraid to get back on.. so she's coming with me again.. she really did enjoy being out there, and relaxing with no cell service and no worries, and even riding.. I hope one day she forgives me.. ;)
So the kid made new friends, and exchanged phone numbers, so that we could go out again.. We are very much looking forward to that.. Except for the fact that it's spring and it's starting to heat up out there.. it was 90 degrees this weekend.. SUNBURNED to the max too.. HAHA Anyway, it was a great time.. Oh, and found this lizard thing.. I swear it could have killed me.. my dog wanted to kill it.. it was HUGE! I've never seen a lizard thing this big.. could have been a gila monster! I mean, it wasn't but I'll see if I can upload the pic even tho it won't do it justice.. Oh and found a horny toad lizard too.. actually caught that after my friend ran it over.. LOL
All in all, fun times.. Have a great week.. Later.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Hope everyone is doing well..  I'm in one of those low points on the shitty rollercoaster.  Nothing is going right.  There is only so much a person can do to bear the brunt of EVERY single thing.  I mean come on.. I can only say I'm sorry for the things that I am at fault for.  WHY should I have to apologize because others are shitty!?  Getting kinda tired of that crap.  Anyway.. Surgery is scheduled for the 30th.  Incisions, balloons and cement in my back. Good Times.  I *THINK* I am going camping this weekend, altho I'm not sure now.  Even took friday off to have some extra time out there.  But of course, people are assholes, so who knows... 
I have seen a bunch of movies lately.. I watched the Changeling.  Pretty good.. I mean, I know it's a true story I guess I would have like to see more of the backstory of the actual murderer (Northcott ?)  Anyway, I can't imagine searching for my child til the day I died.. I couldn't imagine losing her.  Makes you think.   Anyway, I also FINALLY saw Twilight.  It was decent.  I really don't like Robert Pattinson as an actor.  He was ok in Harry Potter.. but he didn't work for me in Twilight.  Anway, I'm sure I'll go see the next one as well.. :)  Oh... A REALLY good one, was Seven Pounds.  I like Will Smith for the most part (Sorry but Hancock kind of ruined him for me) this movie was ... just great.  I loved the plot and just the whole thing.  I was even thrown a bit a few times.. I like that in a movie.  When you REALLY don't expect something.  Anyway, loved it.  The latest movie I saw was Marley & Me. I know it got a LOT of bad reviews, but I don't really follow reviews.. I really liked it.. I liked how the main characters really showed how relationships evolve and what happens when you have kids etc...  but, Oh My Goodness.. the whole thing about the dog just brought it home (Kudos to the writer).. My current dog now, is JUST like Marley. Ok, she doesn't chew up couches and stuff, but she is NOT trainable LOL  She's my baby tho.. FAMILY.  However towards the end, that brought back some memories that were nice to "feel" again.. . I lost two other dogs about 4/5 years ago... just older, and had cancer, and having to go thru that... 
Anyway, regardless of critics... Great movie.. (sniff sniff)
Hope ya'll are doing great.. have a fantastic week.. CYA

(This one REALLY hit home today... )

"Change will never happen when PEOPLE lack the ability and courage to see themselves for who they are"  Bryant H McGill

Monday, April 6, 2009


So I went to see the Vertebral specialist on Friday.  Seems I have Two broken vertebrae.  I am awaiting approval now to go in and have back surgery.  They are going to put a couple balloons (are you kidding!?) in between three vertebrae to try to open them up to stop pinching nerves, and they are going to put Cement (WTH!?) in the two broken vertebrae.  This is to fill in the cracks and hopefully start healing faster.  Who knows.. At this point, all I know is that the pain pills have officially quit.  So, I am praying that it comes thru quickly and I can get in so that I can start healing... Wish me luck... :(

Monday, March 30, 2009


Hello all!  Hope ya'll are doing well.  My birtday was lovely.  Went out to the desert, relaxed in the dirt all weekend.. made some new friends.. (always fun)!  Got back on the quad for a real ride.. and it was good.  No injuries, but man I'm sore!! Forgot how much work it is.. :D  I feel great.  
Anyway, so we met some new people, and they gave us a bunch of jello shooters.. After drinking beers all day (Corona, Miller Lite, Chimay and Frambois) I had about 15 jello shots..   Oh Boy.. Talk about a HORRIBLE headache..  Ya, soo not doing that again.  
Regardless, it was a mucho fun weekend.  Oh, and a friend of mine, known forever (did I mention our fight on here in the last month??) came out as well.  Didn't know she was coming.  Stupid juvenile antics ensued... then we talked.. went well.  Back to normal yet again.  Good Times.. 
Anyway, hope all is going well.. Have a Faboo week!!
OOOH!  I put another site over under the cool sites to the right.  Its called tweekerseeker.. it's about an anonymous bounty hunter.. Cool shit if you're into that stuff... check it out. 
An update:  The maroon label for CHIMAY... not as good as the blue... just lettin ya know. ;)

Anyone twitter??

Friday, March 27, 2009

Another Day??

So today is my birthday.  Just another day ..  Don't feel any different or older... hell I don't really even feel my real age a lot of the time.  (Lately I do because my body is broken.. LOL)  Anyway.. So I get to go see the "vertebral specialist" next friday to find out what he's going to do for my back.  I'll tell you, as an adult, I find it rather humorous the things that I begin to look forward to!  I am actually excited to go see this guy to see if he can actually FIX me!!  LOL LIke, counting down days.. pretty pathetic huh?  It's Ok.. I'm excited. :D   
So anyway, been a really busy week, but that's good..  I am ordering the first 1/2 of my training next week, so I am REALLY super excited.. and a little nervous.. scary making big changes... 
Taking off today to take the kid camping/riding.  Some friends are coming out to the desert so it should be a great weekend..  OH!! Almost forgot.. some friends brought me a gift for being born, last night, and OH. MY. GOSH. this stuff is great.  It's a belgian (I think) beer and it's called CHIMAY.  There are three labels.. a cream one, a burgundy one and a blue one.  The blue label, wow.. that is some damn fine beer.  They also gave me the burgundy label one, but haven't tried it yet.  I'll take that this weekend..  
Hope ya'll have a fantastic weekend..   Peace. 

Friday, March 20, 2009

MRI crap..

So..... went and got the results of my MRI on my back.. I KNEW something was wrong..  So I got the films last week, and I would think a monkey could tell that these vertebrae were "tweaked" or something.  And after seeing my dr ... they are. :D  Yay me.  I think.. haha. Anyway, long story short, I have like 65% compression in T4, 5 and 6.  T5 also has a crack in it.   There is a hemangioma in T2 or something... I can't remember which one.. but I guess that is "common".. hhmmmm ok.
So, nothing they can do for the crack.. and I really don't think that hurts.. It's the three discs that are squeezing together, and pinching all the nerves between my shoulder blades.  I asked if this could "fix itself".. he said Yes.. I asked how long it takes.. he said Not too long, how long has it been?  I said "OH, 5 months now.. "  he then said "Oh, good Lord (insert my name), why didn't we do this sooner?  You need to see this specialist, which is really good and my competition no less..."  So, I guess, I don't fix myself real easy.  HAHA  Anyway, what do you do.. I got some stronger pain meds for night time, so that I can sleep thru the night and not wake up every 15 - 20 minutes.  Talked to my motherly figure, and she suggested to do the surgery.  She said the injections wouldn't last but a couple months.. Said I could do it on a friday and go back to work on monday..  Seems IMPOSSIBLE.. but I'll wait to see what the Doc says..  
Shitty news, but hey, I'm glad I know what's wrong now.  I *THINK* haha  
This weekend, is a joint birthday party for me and my neighbor.  He's younger tho.. :( So, that should be fun.  BBQin a pork butt (did you know that a pork butt is not really a butt?  which is going cuz I'm not all hip on eating a pig's ass.... )  Pulled pork samiches!!  WOO HOO  Next weekend, going camping.  Back on my baby.. I love my quad.  :D
Anyhow, ya'll have a super weekend!!  Oh, watch this..  HILARIOUS!  Hope it makes your day!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's New..

So what's new with all of you?? Things are going fairly well over here..  Sad news this morning that Natasha Richardson didn't survive the brain injury.  She was great.  The kid saw her picture on the internet that she had passed and said "Hey Mom, I know her.. she was the lady in the parent trap"..  Yes, she was.. well the remake anyway.  Cool that a 9 yr old kid knew about it... 
Anyhoo.. My brother got a DUI where he lives now, I don't recall if I mentioned that..  (I'm pretty sure a lot of you know he's had more than one... but this is his first in another state.)  Anyway, so sentencing ... he was supposed to have some guy calling the family and friends for like interviews I guess about my brother.  Never happened.  Kinda sucks because the judge takes that into consideration.  Anyway, long story short, he was informed he was lookin at anywhere between 6 months (and laughed) to up to like 5 years..  FIVE YEARS!?!?!?   Anyway, he was sentenced.  There was a visiting judge.. That kids luck I tell ya..  He got 90 days.  :D  Yay.  That is fantastic.   
Let's see... my sister.  She's doing pretty good now too.. saw my nieces on um... saturday I think?  they are getting sooo big.  I think I'm going to have to hook up with her to get the girls "spring" pictures together.. :D 
I go to the ortho today to get the results of my MRI on my back from last week.  Not looking forward to it.  I called to just see if they had the results, and the nurse starts to read thru the report kind of out loud..  I hear "let's see.. looks like there's a fracture... " stops right there and says Ok, so you need to make an appt to see the dr asap.  Ya. I knew that. Kinda thru a wrench in my not so optimistic outlook on my prognosis.  LOL  Anyway, cool.. I go today to see what they say.  I'm sure it's all great, and I just have to take pain pills til I die.  Is that so bad?  ;)  
Having a joint birthday this weekend with my neighbor (his bday too) so have some friends coming out and going to bbq a nice big pork BUTT for some pulled pork samiches.  CAN'T WAIT.  Hope ya'll have a Fantastic day!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


So when is one too "old" to make a career change??  I am going to be doing so very soon.  I am currently awaiting the money for my tax returns, and will then take on a new venture.  I am actually VERY excited.  I have been working with computers for literally 23 years.  I am kinda bored now.  Like REALLY bored.  So, after some soul searching (no, Taco Bell manager ain't gonna cut it, and I thought about professional beer drinker.. but... doesn't pay all that great.  haha ) I have found something that I think will be PERFECT for me.  I will be starting a new training course, hopefully by the end of this month, where I will be learning the following:  Background Investigations, Investigative Records and Resources, Asset Investigation, Business and Criminal Intelligence, and Investigating By Computer, Skip Tracing, Missing Persons, Parental Kidnapping Investigation, Bounty Hunting, Process Serving and Automobile Repossession, Surveillance and Surveillance Photography, Vehicle Surveillance, Foot Surveillance, and Electronic Surveillance and Countermeasures, Insurance Fraud Investigation, Workman's Comp Investigation, Arson Investigation, Interviewing and Interrogating, Report Writing and Testifying in Court, Employee Theft, Shoplifting Detection, Undercover Investigation, Industrial Espionage, and Computer Crime Investigation, Executive Protection, Bodyguard Training, Arrest Tactics, Foot and Vehicle Pursuit Tactics.  So, As you can see.. there is A LOT for me to learn, and once I complete the course (I am shooting for 4 months) at the top of my class, I will be ready to head out into the real world and begin a new career..  Excited isn't even the beginning of it.  I am beyond excited.  So, wish me luck, because I'm gonna need it..  
Ya'll have a great day!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm a dork..

Like that is anything new.. LOL  Anyway, I'm trying to spend a little time to "clean up" some things on some of my pages.. One being SHUFFLE the music!!  I apologize that the same song kept playing every time you came here.  Now it is shuffling.. Try it.. Hit refresh.. New song!  Yay me.  Small things make me happy.  :D
So anyway, off to fix the other stupid shit I have been procrastinating about..  One of them is to clean my desk today..  If you saw my desk, I don't even know how I get things done.  Oh. wait.. I don't.  Ya, that's why I gotta clean my desk.  :D  Got a new quote for today.  Ya'll have a great one. 

 "Do things the same way and you will get the same results. To get better results, change the way you do things." 

BTW, I'm starting today.. :D

Monday, March 9, 2009

One more..

Hey I found one more I wanted to share.. .this is one of my favourites.. 

You complain "Always" 
That all I do is wrong
I tend to forget
that you are Perfect. 
I am obviously NOT in this league
that you call the real world
nor will i be
what a shame that 
i am regarded
as LESS than you
when we were ALL 
created equal.
Equality is obviously
NOT in your vocabulary
A shame it is that you
perceive such faults
as not as perfect as you
I'm sorry that you 
feel the need the make
or prove yourself "better"
by making
my life "less" than yours.. 
Treating me like garbage
and your psychological
mind games are merely
juvenile toys you play with
to make me feel unworthy.  
Game over.  I win.

Found some things..

Ok so awhile back I mentioned I would find some more of the poetry, words, whatever you want to call it..  I found some.. I even found a couple songs that I wrote many years ago and recorded.. can't find the tapes tho.. LOL  Anyway.. Enjoy (Oh, FYI, they aren't all happy and roses and puppy dogs.. kind of morose, and sad, but hey.. it's just words)

I saw a sign on the 
road we call life
that read
Misery Lives Here
How unfortunate for the 
poor soul
who's entire
existence is based on 
Three words.

Her life wasn't easy
yet it wasn't hell 
The anger continued to rise
til she no longer knew
the day of the week
nor the time of the day
minutes evolved into years
and she wonders 
"Where the hell have I been?"

Wallowing in misery
day after day
bringing everyone around her down
into the self pity, morose
and unhappy abyss she created 
for herself.. 
I met her once.. 
I am her.  She is me. 

These don't have "titles".... sorry

Words elude your mouth
that crush my heart
your thoughts escape
your lips
and rub my nose
in the splendor of your 
life with the absence of me
Save your concern
and your pity too
your heart gave
walking orders
and now you try 
to give the 
infamous consolation
prize of 
Save it for someone else.

Note:  I wonder why I have no inspiration to write anymore.. :(

Words damaged a heart
harsh fumes from tainted lips
destroyed any kind of wall
Hope has been lost
any kind of dream has disappeared
such an unfortunate ending
to a lovely relationship
I am consumed by smoke
from nicotine of stale lungs
gave up any kind of idea
any kind of fantasy 
that life is a dream
and the doormat out front 
states "Happiness" lives here.. 
a shame
what a delusion to the world
you don't need companionship to be 

Still debating on posting the lyrics to my song... 
Anyway.. hope ya'll are doing well.. 


Friday, March 6, 2009


So yesterday I went to the Dr to get my MRI results..  (Ok, anyone had one recently?  Sounds like TERRIBLE techno music!!)  Anyway, pretty much what I thought.. Bone spurs again, and apparently a cyst and a bunch of swelling..  Oh well.   My leg.. it's healing.. Still.  Apparently it is going to take up to a year, (I think I mentioned that before) before things are 'normal'.  Well, all of that is fine and dandy.. I actually don't care about my leg or my shoulder.  I am in soo much pain from my back STILL.  Chiropractor is NOT helping.  Nor is the lovely, dig her elbows into my back "theraputic massage"..  NOTHING is working.  Stretches, stabilizer balls... nothing.  Well, pain pills are still doing a LITTLE to hide the pain.  So I told my Ortho dr yesterday that I am still in a lot of pain. There is really SOMETHING wrong with my back.  I'm tired of having to take pain pills to sleep at night..   When the crash occurred... the podunk emergency room took ONE xray of my back.  What they DID get was equivalent to xraying my wrist to see what's up with my back.  No way, no how to see anything from the angel they got..  So, I am going to have another MRI done, but this time on my entire back.  I'm kind of glad actually. I just want to know what the hell is wrong with me.  I'm tired of hurting. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Reunion Pt 2..

So went to my reunion on Saturday night...  Wow.. what a Great time.. It's amazing how much people are different.  What I mean is, some look like the EXACT same since high school, then there are others who have changed soo much.  Like one of my friends, I swear he looks IDENTICAL to high school... and he even said the same of me..  just kinda weird.  Anyway, had a blast.. Saw sooo many people I haven't seen in almost 2 decades..   It was fun..  
Just to get something off my chest..  I'm at the point again, where so called "friends" really aren't.  You know.. they want you around when you can DO for them, but man, they are the first ones to shit on you.  And how quickly that happens.  Whatever.  People are assholes.  Maybe a move to another state is coming in order.  Start over without the idiots that bring me and my happiness down.  *SIGH*

Friday, February 27, 2009


So after dumping that "social networking" crap of MYSPACE, I decided to give facebook a try..  Wow, there are actual ADULTS on there!!  Not the juvenile bullshit that floats all over myspace.. I did decide to keep my MYSPACE account and check it once a week, because I do have a couple friends that are my friends KIDS that like to talk to me, so for that reason I still have it.  
Anyway.. back to facebook..  how addicting is that!??!  Holy Crap!  I have regained contact with soo many actual "FRIENDS" (no the ones on myspace that you don't even know so you can say you have eleventy thousand friends for what!?!?) and it's great.  Once of the cool things about it, is that tomorrow night, about 20 (give or take, I didn't count) of us are going to get together in a nice fun place called "downtown fullerton"... on the Roscoe's famous deli patio.  
I can't wait.. Some of these people I have seen here and there over the years.. others... not since grad night.  So, needless to say, it should be a lot of fun.  I expect that MOST of us have grown up over the years, and that the old drama and stupid shit from the day, is now gone and buried, since a lot of us have families now..   We shall see...   Until next week..  have a beer or 5.  I will..


Thursday, February 19, 2009

File this under..

Wow, last night was really weird.   I know dreams mean something..  most of the time I just don't know what.  So lately I've been pretty stressed.. (as you can see below).  Well, last night, I went to bed, and I had a dream about my grandmother.  She passed away when I was 4 months pregnant with the kid (wwaaayyy bummed about that).. I was VERY close to her.  I used to walk across the alley to her house at like 4am to sit with her while she had her coffee before work, and before I went to school.  On Friday nights, I would go over to her house and watch Dallas and Falcon Crest and have diet 7-up and fritos.  (yummy)..  This was back in the late 80's.  We would go to her house every saturday or sunday for a home cooked breakfast.. Like the works.. Eggs, bacon, sausage, fried potatoes, fried apples, applebutter, biscuits... you get the idea..  Anyway.. last night, I dreamed of her.  I dreamed that my sister and I were at her house (which has obviously been sold to others and drastically changed) to visit her.  I remember horsing around with my sister in the kitchen.  (For some reason my "pop" wasn't around).  Anyway, so I remember going outside and looking in the garage for the maroon caddy and the other garage for all the canned goods (literally canned, my grandparents used to can pickles and kraut etc...) everything was there.  The Swing on the patio.. It was surreal.  But for some reason, and I'm not going to mention details, it was like she was trying to tell me something, and I don't know WHY exactly.  Telling me it was about her I would assume because it didn't apply to me exactly.  Anyway, my sub-conscience apparently needed to be with her last night.  That was a first in a long time.  I don't know why, but I'm really glad.  I woke up and stayed awake for about an hour with my eyes closed and just remembering all the details.. and cried.. a lot.  But it was a good cry I think.  That or I just miss her terribly and hurting.  I don't know.  But I am grateful I got to see her last night.  

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Me and the kid went to the beauty shop on Sunday.. That was fun.. We both were in DIRE need of a haircut.. She lost about 3 inches.. :(  But, she got "layers" and she is just in love with her hair now.. LOL  She's so cute..   Had to share that.
So I have a lot on my mind lately.. One of course, if you have been following this blog is the stupid IRS.  So they did an audit, and I sent all the paperwork in (after over a year of miscommunication on THEIR part).. So I call Daily.  Yes, daily.  They held my tax returns from LAST year, as well as this year, because of this crap.  Anyway every day I am told "We received your paperwork, but we're not done yet".. Same shit, different day.  Ya, whatever.  The funny thing is, they are charging me interest, they will determine that they do in fact OWE me MY money back, but will they give me the interest on the money they have HELD for the last year!?  No.  But they'll charge it to me?  I don't get that one.  Oh, and the state.. ya.. supposedly getting a refund from them, but because the state is "broke", won't see that, and when we DO finally see it, will there be interest on that too?  Hell No!!  Bunch of shit heads.  Whatever. 
Next subject:  Family.  Ya, back to them, haven't really mentioned much of them in a while..  I was reading back to 2007 july some time, about when I couldn't stand them, and that they just take advantage of me.  It's taken me some time, but I realized it's my fault.  I allowed that to happen.  Anyway, cool things have since occurred.  I talk to my sister now.  Like almost daily which is pretty cool.. I see my nieces, also cool. .  I can deal with her now, another cool thing.  Dunno if I've grown up some, or just let shit go, or what, but it is what it is, and I'm diggin it.   I just heard that my brother has informed my mother that he regrets all he's done to my sister and myself over the last 10 years or so.. Regrets taking advantage of me.. hhhmmmm  That's all fine and dandy, maybe someday he'll tell me, and perhaps start paying down his damn near 3,000 dollar debt to me.  Sorry.. had to get back up to the keyboard, I fell off my chair I was laughing so hard at that one.  Whew..  LOL
Here's something else that is just eating me alive right now.  So the kid is having MAJAH issues with her dad.  Like so much so she doesn't want to see him or be around him.  She's 9 now.  She has gotten to the point that she constantly talks back to me, yells at me, and consistently whines, all.  the.  time.   I can't take much more.  I don't spank her.  Like ever.  It's not that I don't believe in it, I just feel that she should be old enough and that we should be able to discuss her behavioral problems at length and that she can change.  We've had multiple discussions, ok, over and over and over and over and over, and apparently she's either deaf, or just blows me off.  So, on Sunday, she proceeded to holler and talk back to me.  I told her calmly and quietly to go to her room QUIETLY (as I really didn't want to hear her crying/moaning/wailing on the way).. She did just that.  Now, again, I RARELY ever spank her, and she knows it.  So I walked into her room she was turned away from me damn near screaming, so I spanked her butt, once.  She turned to me with a shocked look like "What did you do THAT for!?"  Then she proceeded to start screaming right at my face.  VERY loud.  So I popped her mouth .. I know that was wrong, and I was (and still am) VERY upset about it all.  I'm disappointed, and hurt that I let things get this bad.  After she stopped crying she asked if we could talk.  I said Yes, I would like that.  She apologized for her behavior and I apologized for smacking her.  (Not for spanking her once).  We talked some more about her chores and her attitude and she said she wants to do better, and cried some more so I know she really does..  She is going to see a Psychologist this weekend.  She really needs to be able to talk to someone about her feelings and know she's not going to get "grounded for breathing" (as she says her dad does to her) and that she feels safe to speak to.  She used to go when she was 4/5 yrs old and it did help then, so I am just praying this helps her now..  I want to be the best parent I can and raise her to be a good girl, but my God it's so difficult with two households and not the same rules.. :(

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I don't mind rain.. Usually.  But when it starts coming and going here today gone tomorrow, and screwing up my plans.. it sucks.  Period.  Disneyland, weather said it wasn't gonna rain, but guess what.. IT RAINED.  So I had plans this weekend (Valentine's day) to take the kid and go camping and riding.. Well, all the stupid weather channels say it's gonna rain.  Like 30% chance.. Which is really nothing right?  So, all the people that planned to go do this (like 18 of us) all decided that they are going to melt, and can't get muddy or anything so cancelled out.  WTF!?!? That really sucks.  I suppose I could still go... but it's more fun of course when everyone else goes too.. 

Either Rain or quit already.  My plans keep getting jacked up.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Since the state is not issuing refunds I came up with my own letter to send to them.. :D

To Whom it May Concern:

I have successfully processed my return, however, your payment cannot be issued at this time. According to my wife (the Controller), due to the lack of job, cash and budget problems, the Controller (again, my wife) has directed me to stop sending payment requests to any bill collectors, utilites, this includes the State Controller’s Office (as well as the Franchise Tax Board for good measure). Payments will resume when the wife indicates there is enough cash available to make payments.  Until then, please consider this an IOU and understand that you will be paid accordingly, once all other obligations (child support for previous 8 children, daycare (for said children + 3 more), school, gun purchases (to protect my family from the illegal aliens trying to rob me of what I have left), have been satisfied. We hope you understand


So this weekend was the kids birthday..  Took her to Disneyland yesterday.. It was a lot of fun .. FOR HER.  LOL  So, we go to breakfast, then got my sister and her kids together, and headed to the happiest place on earth..  The kid NEEDED to have an autograph book (freak), so she got that...  As we were walking to the Indiana jones ride (FUN!) I saw Diane Keaton.  Very cool.  She was very pleasant.  Had my sister take her over to meet Ms. Keaton, and that was her first autograph in her book.  Altho the kid has NO CLUE who that is, it was still pretty cool.  Hit up Pirates of the Caribbean, Matterhorn, Finding Nemo, and some others.  It rained some, while we were over at the Pirates Lair (aka Tom Sawyer's Island), but that was fun.  Apparently, I am even Taller than before, and hit my head in every damn tunnel.  
Walking around that park for 12 hours, after only having been about 16 weeks or so from breaking my leg, was NOT FUN.  It was rather painful.  But, the kid had a great time, and that's all that matters..  9 years old.  Man, time flies.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm done..

So the ISAGENIX cleanse was actually really good!  I'm down 11 lbs.  And I have come to realize, burgers just aren't the way to lose weight.. LOL  I think I will continue to drink the shakes (they are pretty good) for breakfast, because I don't eat breakfast, and it's got a LOT of nutrition in it..  Yay me.  :D  If you are interested in trying the system, click the ISAGENIX link over on the right.. 
Anyway, so Sunday, the Kid turns 9.  Wow.  My Kid is going to be NINE years old.  Ok, more like 9 going on 25 sometimes..  I'm very excited.  Hopefully it doesn't rain tomorrow, I want to take her to the NHRA races.. and on Sunday it's the "happiest place on earth".. (NOT). HAHA  
She is dying to go so we are gonna hit up mickey mouse for some fun..  
All is well, hope it is for all of you too.. 

Have a GREAT weekend.. 

Happy Birthday Kid. 
Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 6..

So this is the 6th day.. .Yesterday was Superbowl (GO STEELERS!!) which was NOT a good day for my "cleanse"..  I really thought today when I got on the scale I gained like 8 lbs back.. Actually NOT SO!  Amazing to say the least.  I didn't gain any, but only lost .4 lbs..  Still better than nothing I suppose.. Not bad for cheating pretty badly.. LOL  
Anyway, back to the Superbowl..  What a fantastic game! Ken Wisenhunt, the head coach for Arizona, WAS the Steelers Offensive Coordinator for years..  Man, Great game..  I was invited to a private party at Roscoe's, but I had people coming over to watch (besides, I wanted to WATCH the game haha), so I didn't go.  AFTER the game however, I went down there.. (had to parade around LOL) got some free drinks, and went behind the bar to make shots for the bartenders and myself to celebrate..  That was pretty cool of them.  I think I want a job there now.. LOL
Hope all is well..  Very happy for the Superbowl Victory, can't wait for the next season to start!!



Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Day..

Day 4 I guess.. So far so good..  dropped another 1.4 lbs.  Better than nothing (is it STILL water weight?).  I'm not the best person to not be able to eat FOOD during the day, but it wasn't too bad..  Anyway, I'm doing ok with the just juice/water for two days..  tomorrow I go back to the two shakes a day and one "sensible" meal.. that is for another 5 days then two more days of the "Cleanse"..  hhmmm..  Not irritable as I suspected, and still have energy, so that is a HUGE plus for me! I'm a little tired this morning tho.  HHmmm..  have to keep an eye on that.  Oh yea.. went to get that massage yesterday.. Wasn't as bad as the first one.. I guess my muscles are finally starting to "heal".  However, today.. OHMIGOSH hurts like hell...  but hey.. I can walk again..;)
Anyway, on another note, got into Facebook.. Apparently it is the "Grown Up" version of Myspace.  Or what is most commonly referred to as GAYSPACE.. LOL  So I found a bunch of people on facebook and it's nice to be back in touch with so many people that have been gone for a while.  
Ok, back to your daily grind.. :D  Have a good one everybody.. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The "CLEANSE" days are killing me..  I can't stop peeing and I really think I am developing GILLS on my neck..  man, this is a LOT of water..  I'm peeing more than when I drink beer!!  Oh what fun!  Crap.. I am going to get an HOUR long "theraputic massage"  (trust me, it's NOT fun.. hurts like hell) and I'm gonna prolly pee myself..  Damn!!

Doing good..

Ok, so far so good... Today is the beginning of the actual "CLEANSE" days..  It is a little fruity, kinda nice from the chocolate.  Plus there is this "sprinkle" called Want More Energy that you can add to the juice to drink..  Lemon lime..  it's actually GOOD like that.  So I drink that 4 times today, and a bunch of water of course..  Lost another 1.8lbs..  again, still water I'm sure..   Started working out again last night, but having some issues with my leg and the ability to do lunges and stuff because i don't have enough strength yet..  In due time I'm sure.  Last night again, didn't really get tired enough to fall asleep until about 10pm.  Dunno if that is really good or bad.. Up again this morning with no real grogginess or anything.. So, doing good so far.. 
Cya tomorrow!!  Later.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not bad..

Ok so I started this new system yesterday "Isagenix"..  There is a 30 day one as well as the 9 day, but I just wanted to try the 9 day to see if it would "boost" my chronic tiredness. (I have Epstein Barr which makes me tired ALL THE TIME).  Anyway, so I took the natural accelerators, all good..  I drank the two shakes, ate some "sensible" lunch (pork loin) and even ate a little dinner, which you aren't supposed to (oysters and some tri tip).  I drank about 70 oz of water as well..  So, the shakes aren't that bad, to my surprise.  I got Chocolate.  There are a couple flavors.  Now yesterday and today are "PRE CLEANSE" days.  The actual 9 days starts tomorrow.  I'm pretty sure it's "water loss" but I checked the scale today and it's actually down 3.2 lbs from yesterday..  we'll see how it goes.. :D I am usually in bed or falling asleep on the couch anywhere from 8pm on...  usually not too late.  Last night, I was up til 10, not even tired, and I got up this morning fairly easily!!  Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed.   If you want to check it out, here it is:  ISAGENIX
See ya tomorrow!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Latest & Greatest??

So, I took off for the weekend to hang out with some family in Parker, Az this weekend.  Funny, I went to the grocery store to get some milk, and stuff for dinner, and there was all kinds of Arizona cardinals stuff all over the grocery (safeway! LOL) store.  Took me a second to remember that I was IN arizona.. haha  But I did find a really soft plush blanket from Steelers, so I had to buy that.  Anyway, had a really nice relaxing time.. those are some good times.  So a couple weeks ago, I decided I wanted to write about all of the diet "Trends" and how they don't work and all kinds of things.  I'll tell you this, I've tried soo many of them, and wasted soo much money it was pathetic.  (Now, I am told I waste my money on Steelers "stuff" haha)  Anyway..  So I began working out again, and started eating healthier.  NOT A DIET.  I can't seem to stick to those..  So over the last month and a 1/2 I lost 11 lbs.  Yay me.  BUT, I have more to lose and it seems to have stopped there.  I want to lose about another 15lbs.  Actually no, I don't.  I want to firm up and lose some inches.  I guess weight is just a number as long as you look good no?
Ok, so I'm trying something "different".  It's called Isagenix.  Today is the first day of a 9 day "system"..  I'll try to post everyday to let you know how it's going...  
Til tomorrow.. ;)  Peace.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good times..

So I took the kid out to the desert to practice her skills... went well.  I went out riding myself too!  Back in the saddle again.  I can do it.  I was worried I would be a little hesitant.. (ok, I was a little) but all in all it went well.  I took the kid and her friend on a nice ride, they had a BLAST.. She had such a great weekend.  Sunday we got home in time to watch my Steelers beat the Ravens in one of THE MOST boring games in NFL.  LOL  It was like watching Tennis.  Punt after Punt... got a little old.  Anyway, I was fairly sure that the Steelers would win, and now we are headed to the Superbowl baby!!  I can't wait.  With our old Offensive coordinator (Ken Wisenhut) as the Cardinal's head coach, it should be a GREAT game!!  I like the edge of your seat football.  May the best team win (as long as it's a good game).  Been a hectic week yet again, but last night I found time to curl up on the couch in my PJ's, lay with my puppy, and catch up on some TiVo all by myself.  Talk about a GREAT evening!!  LOL  Today after work, I am going to head out to Parker, AZ to hang out with my cousins and go riding for the weekend.. I am really looking forward to it.  I am still gonna write about a couple things, but it'll hold til next week.. ;)  
Ya'll have a great weekend.. 

Friday, January 16, 2009

No Time..

Ok, so I wanted to write about something that I have gained some knowledge about, but lately it's been SUPER busy and I haven't had time to put all the words together coherently.  So  today I believe I shall leave and spend some time drinking a few concoctions of hops and barley and watch the kid practice her skills mastering two wheels and a clutch out in the dirt and gather some more thoughts and insight and THEN write next week.  A feel a trophy coming soon for her.  I'm so excited.. ;)

Have a great weekend ya'll!!  

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Real Quick..

Ok, so I just wanted to touch base real quick and say New Years was great... and I want to write about something that I've some experience with but I need to get some thoughts together..  For now, Camping was awesome!!  The Kid went on a ride with the others (I'm still not riding) and came back and said "Mom.. can I say a bad word please!?!?"  I thought for a second and knew immediately what she was going to say, and since she seemed so proud (and NEVER curses, thank goodness), I said "Sure, whaddya got?"   She said "Mom!  I ate shit!"... I knew it was coming.  I laughed as well as the other folks standing around talking... Priceless..  She didn't even cry.. She was VERY proud of herself.. she showed me the new "ding" in her plastics, and was elated for about an hour..  :D    There was a fatality on the way to the road we were taking... drunk woman, slammed the back of a trailer hauling 2 VERY nice Rhino's.. and she died..  Stupid people.. Whatever..  Another day, a 12 yr old boy was air lifted, broken arm and back pains.. wasn't paying much attention and slammed into another kid.. 
So the kid has decided that she wants to get into riding professionally.  I think we can do it.  I need to sell my tahoe and buy a truck so I can haul her bike around... and start heading out to an area off the 15 where they have tracks and kids learn how to ride tracks and get better, races and trophy's... Works for me.. I live for this stuff. ;)  
Anyway, good times... and I'll be back in a day or so with something else I want to "Rant" about.. LOL  Keep it real!