Friday, January 18, 2008

Nothing new..

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, nothing really new going on... hhmm.. sister had her 2nd kid. Another girl. Looks a lot like me with dark hair and dark eyes.. big contrast to her first one with blond hair blue eyes.. actually, kinda like the sister and myself.. Again, I have dark hair dark eyes, and she has light brownish hair and i think hazel eyes.. interesting..
Anyway, so the first month of the year is coming to a close and I have already served my jury duty for the year. Kinda nice how they do it now, where you just call in every night to see if they need you. No more taking the day off work, and driving to the courthouse blah blah blah... Very cool.. Weird tho.. I have not been contacted for jury duty for many many years.. yes, I am a registered voter.. and this year, they got me, after like 10 or more years. Anyway, done for the rest of the year.. kinda nice.
Had a falling out a while back with a girlfriend, not sure if I mentioned it... known her for a long time.. closer to sisters really. took a little time, maybe can call it a break, but things are back to normal again with us.. very cool.. I really missed her kids.. LOL Was going to go out riding this weekend, but a different friends' kids are sick and can't go. Might be a blessing really. I spent last weekend cleaning out my garage (again) and cleaning a bunch of tools that I seem to have inherited. Very long weekend. So this weekend, I believe I will take the kid and go BOWLING! Looking forward to that. We play that on the Nintendo Wii and have a blast. Actually the tennis one is hilarious. We both look like total Fools playing that game. Oh, and baseball, now THAT is a fun game. LOL Everyone should have a Wii. It should be a common household item that every family should have!
Alrighty, well, that is pretty much what is going on with me, so I hope everyones year is going well.. so far. ;)

“Happiness consists not in having much, but in being content with little.” ~ Marguerite Gardiner
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