Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Reunion Pt 2..

So went to my reunion on Saturday night...  Wow.. what a Great time.. It's amazing how much people are different.  What I mean is, some look like the EXACT same since high school, then there are others who have changed soo much.  Like one of my friends, I swear he looks IDENTICAL to high school... and he even said the same of me..  just kinda weird.  Anyway, had a blast.. Saw sooo many people I haven't seen in almost 2 decades..   It was fun..  
Just to get something off my chest..  I'm at the point again, where so called "friends" really aren't.  You know.. they want you around when you can DO for them, but man, they are the first ones to shit on you.  And how quickly that happens.  Whatever.  People are assholes.  Maybe a move to another state is coming in order.  Start over without the idiots that bring me and my happiness down.  *SIGH*
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