Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Ok, so I am not one to take my own advice, (and I'm not sure anyone really is) however, that said, I gave a friend some advice yesterday, and I think I need to listen to it. He was speaking of girl problems, and how this girl "makes" him feel good, bad, indifferent, whatever. The more I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that no one can MAKE us feel anything. We ALLOW people to to hurt us, or to make us happy. It is OUR problem if we let someone make us feel HURT. WE have the choice about letting that happen ... or not. Last night, I allowed someone to make me very angry. THAT was my fault. I had a choice. I think in the midst of anger and frustration, it just got the best of me. Period. My fault. (I guess I need to work on that)
I know for myself, I really need to work on the fact that it IS my choice. If I want to let people make me happy or not. It is MY CHOICE how I treat others, and how I allow them to treat me.
I think I just have to keep telling myself this EVERY day so that it MIGHT sink in. Someday, it just might work. :)
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