Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm done..

So the ISAGENIX cleanse was actually really good!  I'm down 11 lbs.  And I have come to realize, burgers just aren't the way to lose weight.. LOL  I think I will continue to drink the shakes (they are pretty good) for breakfast, because I don't eat breakfast, and it's got a LOT of nutrition in it..  Yay me.  :D  If you are interested in trying the system, click the ISAGENIX link over on the right.. 
Anyway, so Sunday, the Kid turns 9.  Wow.  My Kid is going to be NINE years old.  Ok, more like 9 going on 25 sometimes..  I'm very excited.  Hopefully it doesn't rain tomorrow, I want to take her to the NHRA races.. and on Sunday it's the "happiest place on earth".. (NOT). HAHA  
She is dying to go so we are gonna hit up mickey mouse for some fun..  
All is well, hope it is for all of you too.. 

Have a GREAT weekend.. 

Happy Birthday Kid. 
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