Monday, August 31, 2009

4th Grade..

I wish I remembered that far back.. I know a lot of people that DO remember that far back that are my age.. Kinda weird.. I sort of remember teachers, but not those all important drama moments with friends... nothin'. Sometimes I think it's good that I don't remember that stuff.. I barely remember High school drama.. only that most didn't like me, but it wasn't a big deal..
Anyway.... back to my point. So, the Kid started 4th grade.. I can't believe how nervous she was!! Just not her style. She picked out an outfit for the first day that consisted of a brown tank top, a SKIRT *GASP* and some funky argyle socks (they actually matched LOL) she thought she looked all that and a bag of chips.. She really did look cute. I was happy/impressed she matched for once.. She tells me "Mom, who cares if it matches, at least I have clothes on right?" Ya.. Right.. hahaha
So, I am a little sentimental today.. Oh.. and an update.. I did NOT win the lottery... not that I thought I would.. :( So, a couple hours I get to go pick up the Kid and find out all about the Drama of the day for 4th grade.. Not that I miss that.. hers is a lot more entertaining than my bullshit drama.. LOL
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