Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Flying Dog Beer..

Ok, So.. back to Beer (Great Topic!).. Has anyone every had FLYING DOG BEER? Ok, So I have only tried the In Heat Wheat, and like I said, it is THE best wheat beer ever. I had it in Georgia a couple months ago, and have been crazy to find it out here. This Wheat beer, seriously is like THE best. I am beyond upset that I can't get it here in California, and shipping costs too much to ship it from Arctic something or other.. $23 to ship beer... I guess I could order like A LOT of it to justify the shipping charges... hhmm... maybe a Christmas gift to me. LOL
Anyone know how LONG I can keep a bunch of bottles of beer before they spoil? Does beer spoil? LOL IF you have tried Flying Dog (Any brew), what do YOU think???

Lemme know. :D
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