Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's Over..

Thank Goodness!!! Talk about hectic. A whole bunch of work, and thoughts, and activities, all to be over and done with in one day. Bleh. Christmas Eve was rather difficult for me this year. My parents have moved away, and I miss my mom terribly. I haven't felt this "alone" in a long time. I hate to cry (although I'm sure I've conveyed that before), and it was nice to just cry for a bit, and feel sad. I called and told her, and we both cried.. LOL It was even nice to talk to my brother for a few minutes. Apparently, he got a bigger sack of coal than I did, so that's perfect. HA HA
Well, I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas this year.. Hopefully Santa was better to all of you than he was to me.. :D The Kid on the other hand, seems to have pleased Santa this year, because she S~C~O~R~E~D.
So Santa brought her a Nintendo Wii to my house... very cool.. . and he also brought one to her gramas house. Nice. She got enough clothes to wear something new for the next month and not wear the same thing twice. Kids score. What about the parents!?! Well, the single parent. Santa skipped me this year. The kid felt bad about that, so she decided that we would "share" the Wii. Thanks Kid. :D Doesn't matter about the whole santa thing to me as much as she was upset about it. THAT made me happy and smile... she's very thoughtful, well to me at least. XOXO
Anyway, I'm sure everyone made their rounds the last couple days, and ate and drank til you couldn't stand anymore.. Too much fun.
Another Christmas has come and gone... Kinda nice now.. I get to get back to some sort of normalcy in my life over the next couple days.. I hope to take down a bunch of the decorations this afternoon.. I'll be gone out of town til next week some time, so the sooner I get this done, the less crabby I'll be when I get back and have to do it then.. HA HA O well, Happy Holidays Everybody and whatever your New Years' plans are, BE SAFE!!

P.S. Auntie, "The Kid" was crushed you didn't call.

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