Monday, June 16, 2008

It's all good..

So, I sold my house... and now I am in the process of moving.. Was hoping to get the keys sooner than I did, but that didn't happen, alas, I have them now, and am starting the process.. I have decided that since I have some time to do it, I am going to move gradually, rather than cram everything into 2 days. This way, I can actually put things in their right places as I go, which will make it even smoother.. I am very excited about it now.. I spent yesterday and last night cleaning it all.. and replacing things that just needed to be done. It's a really nice feeling. I had a beer in the backyard last night by myself and just enjoyed the peace and quiet.. then couldn't sleep because I couldn't shut my mind off thinking about where I want to put everything, then changing it in my head over and over.. haha Anyway, been busy packing etc, so haven't been around much. I'll be back once I get moved and settled in. Til then, Peace.

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