Thursday, October 2, 2008

What's New..

Nothing really new on my end... there's so much bullshit going on in my life, and I have come to find in some of those aspects, that I am a coward.  Plain and simple.  I know what my downfalls/weaknesses are.  Ok, pretty sure.  But you know what, it kinda sucks when you KNOW that some of these can be greatly improved if you removed certain things out of your life..  But, it also sucks when you get so accustomed to something that this shit becomes part of you.  Change sucks. And it hurts.  But, that said..  I really want to start making some changes, and pick myself up by the bootstraps (do people wear those anymore?) dust my butt off and see what types of changes I can make.   I REALLY wish it would cool down so that I can start riding my mountain bike again.. lately it's just been unbearably hot and I am too tired by 11pm to go riding when it's actually cooler.  I mean, a couple nights ago, it was still like 90 and humid at 10pm!  No thanks.. My fat butt can wait another week or so to get to exercisin' again... 
Oh, I mentioned a while back that I found a bunch more poetry similar to when I started the blog.  I just need to throw some up here, but seems that I am only on the computer now when I'm at work.. (ssshhhh don't tell the boss)..  so I'll get to it pretty soon.. 
Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well..  
Til next time... 
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