Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Things are tough..

Things seem to be going pretty shitty for so many people right now.  An old friend of mine that I haven't kept in touch with (I suck as a friend) just let me know that he lost his studio, some surrounding homes, and the old shop burned down.  Lost everything.  I think of the stupid bullshit I am going thru now with uncle sam, and that just has no comparison to what my friend is going thru right now..  Fire.  Lost everything. How do you get that back?  Pictures, poetry, drawings, things from your head/heart at that moment in time that you could look at whenever you want to... is gone.  Losing a part of your life... like an appendage so to speak.  I feel so terribly about what happened, and how he must be feeling right now.  I hear that he is pretty happy with his life besides this huge loss, and for that I am very grateful..  I am happy that he is happy.. Altho, a part of me is pretty sad.. For more than just that.  
I wish there was something I could do to help, but I'm not sure there is.. 
Anyway, if there is... let me know..
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