Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Doing good..

Ok, so far so good... Today is the beginning of the actual "CLEANSE" days..  It is a little fruity, kinda nice from the chocolate.  Plus there is this "sprinkle" called Want More Energy that you can add to the juice to drink..  Lemon lime..  it's actually GOOD like that.  So I drink that 4 times today, and a bunch of water of course..  Lost another 1.8lbs..  again, still water I'm sure..   Started working out again last night, but having some issues with my leg and the ability to do lunges and stuff because i don't have enough strength yet..  In due time I'm sure.  Last night again, didn't really get tired enough to fall asleep until about 10pm.  Dunno if that is really good or bad.. Up again this morning with no real grogginess or anything.. So, doing good so far.. 
Cya tomorrow!!  Later.
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