Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas is almost here..

Ok.. So Christmas is almost here.. I do want to update y'all on the one year mark of my weightloss journey with it works.. aka also over there on the right side.. that will be another day... ANYHOO... so, I got Dano some stuff for Christmas.. not a lot because my hours at work got severely cut and I am now part time.. BOO! (this is where I turn back into scrooge.. ) so the little things I got for her, that she really wants but doesn't know it yet, got boxed up to be wrapped.  She decided that she REALLY (read out loud VERY dramatically and annoying) wanted to wrap some presents.  Considering she's 11 and has no job, just mooches off Mom all the time, I bought myself a couple small things, and she wrapped them.  THEN, wonderful, giving, stupendous mother that I am, I let her wrap her own presents.. HA!  Genius I say!  She didn't SEE what the gifts were, I wrapped them very carefully in multiple layers of colored, sparkly, tissue paper and then put into a box, which I then put into other boxes and taped shut so she couldn't get into them.  Should have been doing this for YEARS.. haha 
So, this year, she's going to hang with her Grampa on Christmas eve (he's a fireman and works Christmas Day so she gets to spend the day with him (the day before) ) She is VERY happy.. :) She'll spend the night over there, which I am not too pleased about because "that side" of her family are not very pleasant.  We'll leave it at that.   I'll pick her up at 9am on Christmas Day and bring her home to celebrate with me.. .AAAALLLLL day.. (after letting her go with them for like the last 8/9 years, it's MY TURN) .. I'm excited for Christmas!

OOOOH!  We went over to see Nonie.. (or is it Nonnie?) hhmm I just looked it IS NONNIE..  Dano and I went to spend time with her on Monday.  She just had eye surgery a few days before.  Dano and Nonnie made some cookies.. we all laughed and giggled.. at one point Dano said that me and nonnie laughed the same.. that made me smile.. :) Dano asked if she could spend a weekend with Nonnie soon, because she wants to learn to make sourdough bread, a complete dinner and learn to quilt.  Quite ambitious.. haha  I love spending time with Nonnie, and I certainly plan to do it much much more after the holidays..  She is awesome.. reminds me much of my Mim.  Ok, ok enough of that.. Happy Holidays.. Merry Christmas or whatever, you celebrate..  back in a few days.. 

This is Dano making cookies.. :)  My baby is growing up... 

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