Friday, December 16, 2011

SMH... (again)

I *SWEAR* it was only like 3 weeks ago, Dano had strep for 2nd time this year.. I thought she was just nervous because she had a band recital (sax) today at 2:15pm.  Nope.. fever, swollen tonsils the works.. poor baby.. Strep AGAIN.  She's scared, but man, after 3 or 4 times a year for last 4 years, it's time to get those suckers out.  I was an adult.. well, 22 yrs old when I got mine out.. she SHOULD be a rockstar.. all kinds of ice cream, apple sauce, pudding, jello etc.. Man, a couple days off work, lose a few lbs, I'd be ALL over it!  hahahaha
Anyway, here's to laying around doing nothing all weekend. :)  Going to head out and pick up her favorite organic Tomato Basil soup and some sourdough bread.. maybe a couple fire logs.. and just cuddle that kid to death til she feels better... Good thing I got a BIG jar of nyquil last month... 

Poor baby.. :( 

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