Thursday, December 29, 2011


What a wonderful day!  Dano is sooo excited.  This morning, we are off for her first photo shoot.. :)  She's getting her Zed/Comp cards done and wants to see if she has what "it takes" to be a model.  It's hard to see her get her hopes up, I don't want her to be super devastated if no one calls her.. I HOPE she gets called.. but I am biased of course and think they will ALL call her.. haha  I haven't done a shoot for about 15 years.. I am kind of excited too.. sshhh. 
I hope to get a few pictures of us together so we have something.. taking 'self portraits' on the iphone together just doesn't really cut it anymore.. 
I am off til next year!  Happy New Year kids..   xoxo

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